My name is David Freeman, and I am currently a junior at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, studying Multimedia Journalism and English, with a minor in Political Science! Before deciding to attend Drake, I grew up in Kansas City (on the Missouri side of the border), and became a resolute supporter of the hometown Kansas City Chiefs.

In my free time, I enjoy quite a variety of things! I am a big sports fan, and watch just about every sport there is (except baseball), and would consider myself fairly knowledgeable about them all, particularly football (the American version), basketball, & tennis. As for other hobbies, I love to read and listen to music, as well as learn new languages, such as Italian & French.

In the spring semester of 2023, I had the privilege of studying abroad in Grenoble, France, which turned out to be one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I studied at Sciences Po Grenoble, a political science-based school that has locations all across France. Grenoble itself is a mountainous town in the southeast of France, about an hour away from Lyon, the third biggest town in the country (pictured below).

While the education was excellent, the experience was the true highlight of my time there. Meeting people from all across the world, getting to experience an entirely new culture with them, and traveling places I had dreamed my whole life of going to, it was without question an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Back in Des Moines, I plan to use my degrees in order to pursue my passion of becoming a sports journalist, in whatever form that takes. When I arrived at Drake, I was a Politics and Strategic Political Communications double major, but after going to France I realized that it was not something I was passionate about and switched it to the one I have now. I’ve always been passionate about sports, and I’ve always loved writing, so for me it seemed obvious that those two should mesh into a career in sports journalism.

I currently write for the on-campus newspaper at Drake, the Times-Delphic, with an emphasis on sports, and currently have around 20-30 articles written for them. Post-graduation, I hope to find a niche in this industry and work my way up, potentially working for respected sports news outlets such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, & The Athletic.